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Lighting is key, you can have some awesome equipment to film people, but if you do not utilise light correctly, you can have a mediocre looking shot. Three-Point Lighting is the basic lighting setup to use when you want to get great looking shots of people you're filming.

Three Light Sources:

  • Key: This is the main light source. It shines directly on the subject, usually from the front-right or front-left. It provides the overall look and feel of the shot.
  • Fill: The fill provides balance to the key by filling in the rest of the subjects face with a softer light. It comes in from the front-side opposite the key light.
  • Back: The back light creates a nice rim of light around the back the subject, separating them from the background. It can also be called a "hairlight" or "rim-light".

A fourth lighting source can be for the background.  The following tutorial will give a run down of these 4 light sources.

Various lighting styles

How a ring light can provide a unique look

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Digislider Team


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