Digislider Portable Carbon Fibre Mini Jib

Light, precise, portable and affordable.

The Digislider Carbon Fibre Jib is available for purchase.  Click here.

It is super portable at a compacted length of 75cm. Can be extended to 200cm easily with the quick lock system. Perfect for DSLR cameras or any system under 5kg. Maximum Radius of 120cm, and a minimum of 75cm. Made from 6 layered carbon fibre tubes and aircraft grade aluminium connectors for maximum strength and lightness. Only weighs 1.5kg (3.4lbs) and comes in a nice padded 80cm x 11cm x 7cm full length zip bag.

Easy mounting points for camera and a tripod.  Comes in a nice compact bag.  Does not include weights, but any standard dumbbell weights (readily available anywhere) or a weighted bag can be used with the hook provided.

Weighted bag holder

Quick release extender locks.

1/4 inch camera attachment.

Digislider Team
Digislider Team