3 of the best apps for Sun/Moon rise/set Time-Lapse and Astrophotography

We have outlined 3 of the best apps we have found for facilitating and conducting time lapses.  We recommend Sun Surveyor to start as it offers plenty of features for free.  Photopills offers basically the same stuff but loads of extras like calculators for exposure, ND filters, depth of field, star trails etc.  Photographer’s Ephemeris 3D is the perfect app for actually seeing how light will fall over mountain ranges in 3D without having to be there so you can plan the perfect time lapse in great detail.

1. Sun Surveyor

The Sun Surveyor app is a great little app to know exactly where the Sun and/or Moon will set or rise in augmented reality in your location.  New features also include utilizing google street view so you can plan ahead of time - http://www.sunsurveyor.com/ (free).

Sun Surveyor App

  •  Live View - Augmented reality puts you in the center of a sun, moon and milky way path simulator.
  •  Interactive Map - Sun and moon overlays, distance and elevation calculations, shadows.
  •  Street View - Explore and plan near and far with 360° interactive panoramas.
  •  3D Compass - Get your bearings instantly with a unique perspective.
  •  Photo Opportunities - Get inspired with dates and times of upcoming photogenic events.

2. Photo Pills

Another one to check out is the ever so popular http://www.photopills.com/ for Moon, Sun as well as Milky Way with time-lapse parameters available for Apple and now Android (£10/$10).  It offers pretty much everything that Sun Surveyor does so what you are paying for is the extras like exposure calculations for ND filters, depth of field calculator, hyperfocal distance calculator, star trail calculator, time lapse calculator, and much much more.

Photo PillsApp

  • Planner -  Easily plan images nobody has taken before
  • 2D Milky Way - Plan any Milky Way shot you imagine comfortably on a map.
  • Augmented Reality - Visualize Sun, Moon and Milky Way position and path
  • Awards - The place where your photos are honored, rewarded ($6,600) and shared with the World
  • Location & Plans - Explore, manage your locations. And never miss a unique scene again, save your photo-plans
  • Sun - All you need to know about the Sun, twilights and magic hours
  • Moon - Rise and set times, calendar, phases and Supermoon dates
  • Exposure - Easily calculate equivalent exposures with filters, in low light and at night
  • DOF - Decide what you want in sharp focus and tell your story
  • Time Lapse - Quickly compute parameters needed to collect sequences of still images to create time lapse videos

3. Photographer’s Ephemeris 3D

Last but not least, the Photographer’s Ephemeris 3D offers something neither Sun Surveyor or Photopills does.  Although currently only available on the iPhone, the app let's you see how the sunlight forms over landscapes in 3D without having to be there ($20).

The key features:

  • Sun, moon and stars are shown against a 3D model of the actual landscape: you can see if the moon is next to a specific mountain peak
  • Controls for date, time of day and camera position are designed with photographers in mind: it’s easy to check the light for just the time you need
  • Seeing the light against a topographic map makes it easy to interpret: satellite map images often have shadows ‘baked in’
  • In enhanced mode, you can control the focal length of camera, making TPE 3D useful as a guide to composition and lens selection

App link apple.co/2tmOfHG 

Website link - http://photoephemeris.com/announcing-the-photographer-s-ephemeris-3d

.Digislider Team
.Digislider Team


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