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Cheap and Reliable Online Storage for Photo and Video files

Amazon Glacier

If you are looking for really cheap yet reliable storage for your photos, videos or other important files, then Amazon Glacier may be your answer - https://aws.amazon.com/glacier/

Why pay for storage when you can get it free with Dropbox and Google Drive?

Dropbox and Google Drive is great for free storage and frequent access of files, but if you find that you have no more free storage space and need to purchase more, then there is none cheaper than Amazon Glaciers.  Another option is the free 1000gb of storage Flickr offers you too - https://www.flickr.com/

Or just combine them all along with Amazon Cloud, Apple iCloud accounts and the many other free ones out there.


At about 0.7 pence (1 cent) per gigabit per month for storage, it is some of the cheapest around. It is a pay as you go set-up that is designed for storing data that is rarely accessed. But if you want somewhere safe to store you important files, then this is most certainly the cheapest and safest.

Hidden Fee?

There is a one time transfer/upload fee, but its about 3 pence (5 cents) for 1000 files, and a download fee if you exceed 5% of your average monthly storage per month, of about 0.7 pence (1 cent). Learn more about pricing here - https://aws.amazon.com/glacier/pricing/

How to access and manage my data?

You can use the AWS Management Console to access and manage your files pretty easily.

How do I upload the data?

You can upload it online yourself, or if you have a slow connection then you can send Amazon your harddrive and they will upload the data on it and send it back to you - click here for more information

Your own personal cloud storage

Your own personal drive might be required if you decide that you want to frequently access files and do not feel Dropbox or Google Drive or their alternatives provide you with the speed or streaming options you require.

There are numerous NAS units around. Seagate and Western Digital are probably the most popular ones and offer similar Hard Drives that you can hook up to the internet to access your files anywhere in the world via your laptop, or on any Apple or Google Android device with their free apps. Both are pretty easy to set up.

Both the higher end models offer RAID mirroring technology, which continuously maintains a second copy of all your files for real-time data backup. They range from £100 to £500 ($150 - $750 USD) and about 500 gb to 8000 gb, but Western Digital seems to have better reviews on their mobile apps.

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