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Track and visualise the Sun and Moon's movement in augmented reality.

Planning is essential in any situation when shooting outdoors, whether for film and/or time lapse.  The Sun Surveyor, which is available on iPhones and Android devices, really helps you plan when you are there, or remotely before you even get to your location.

It is always a bit tricky when attempting time lapse photography or filming in a new place where you are unsure exactly when and where the sun or moon rises and/or sets.  But with the Sun Surveyor app you can see exactly where it happens and the path it takes in augmented reality.

Moon Path

Simply point your smart camera to any area to find out the place and path the sun and/or moon will take.  Great for working out available light in specific locations, as well as working out when the sun/moon goes past objects in order to get the exact shot you are look for.

You can try the "Lite" version which is free, but the full version has many more features including the augmented reality (see pictures above), which is an extremely useful tool to have when you are on location when deciding where to position your camera.  The full version is about £4/€5/$6 but well worth for it for what it does.

Digislider Team
Digislider Team


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