If you are a Lone Shooter you need a Motorized Slider.

Digislider Motorized Camera Slider for Video & Time Lapse

When you work alone, every little helps and a motorized slider can help a lot.  You need equipment that would compensate for the lack of man power and the next best thing is robot power.  Automation is the only thing when you want precise and accurate repeatable movements whether you are shooting interviews, time lapse or VFX (visual effects).


You can set-up a 2nd camera and leave it running or you can add dynamic and more visually appealing shots with a motorized slider.  However, to free up more time you need it to be fully automated so it ping pongs back and forth on auto-loop/return so you don't have to be there operating it manually the whole time.  Plus, you need it to be silent, so you can record sound.  This is where the New Silent Automated Digislider shines.

Digislider 2 axis Silent Motorized Camera Slider

We have upgraded the motors to run silently and revamped the controller hardware and software to allow silent fully autonomous linear and panning slides.  Set and forget!  Just set the start and end points, select auto-loop, set it to run and any speed from 1% to 100% and it will ping pong back and fourth for as long as you want, freeing you up to focus on capturing and monitoring sound and/or running a second camera.  It also has a panning bar so you can track a subject while sliding.

Time Lapse

Who doesn't love time lapse!  Time lapse is great, but using motion in the shot just adds so much more visual appeal and makes the footage out from the crowd.  Precision and accuracy are essential and automation is what is needed.  Ease of use is also a major advantage so you don't have to waste time calculating speed, distance, time etc.  Our latest Digislider software is quicker than ever and allows you to set up a time lapse in 4 easy stages. Just set the start point, end point, total time and number of photos.  Then click the direction you want to go and that's it.  You can even set it to auto loop so it ping pongs back and forth.   Our 3 Axis Slider utilises the awesome NMX controller from Dynamic Perception to bring you the same level of accuracy and automation, but over 3 axis; Pan, Tilt, Slide.  You will not find a more accurate automatic 3 Axis camera slider on the market at this price.

VFX (Visual Effects)

With VFX you have to have repeatable motion and single or multiple axis motion movements make the shot much more dynamic and attractive.  In either video or time lapse mode all our new motion control gear allows repeatable movements to enable the exact same movement over and over again in order to splice together or overlap footage for some visual effect trickery.

.Digislider Team
.Digislider Team


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