If you are doing VFX this is why you need a motorized slider.

Digislider Motorized Camera Slider for Video & Time Lapse

Visual effects (VFX) demands precision and accuracy and a static camera is fine, but VFX with motion is just on a whole new level of visual appeal.  When motion is involved the only way to do this is by using robotic motion.  In this case a Pan/Tilt head and/or camera slider is the only thing you can use to get repeatable precise motion.  Our new motion control sliders allow repeatable linear and/or tracking movements to enable the exact same movement over and over again in order to splice together or overlap footage for some visual effect trickery.

Digislider 2 Axis Auto Pan Motorized Camera Slider for Video & Time Lapse

Ease of use is also a major advantage so you don't have to waste time calculating speed, distance, time etc.  Our latest Digislider software is quicker than ever and allows you to set up a video in 3 easy stages or time lapse in 4 easy stages. Just set the start point, end point, total time and number of photos (for time lapse) or speed (for video).  Then click the direction you want to go and that's it.  You can even set it to auto loop so it ping pongs back and forth.

If you want to level up, then 3 axis is always better than 2.  Our 3 Axis Slider utilises the awesome NMX controller from Dynamic Perception to bring you the same quick and easy set-up, level of accuracy and automation, but over 3 axis; Pan, Tilt, Slide.  You will not find a more accurate automatic 3 Axis camera slider on the market at this price.


.Digislider Team
.Digislider Team


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