The perfect time lapse companion. 3D tracking of sun/moon light & stars.

The Photographer's Ephemeris 3D - Preview from Crookneck Apps on Vimeo.

A video preview of the app that let's you see the sun/moon light and stars will look like from any angle at any time in 3D.  Perfect for planning outdoor photography as the app let's you see into the future in 3D and see how the light will form on the landscape without having to actually be there.

This looks like a fantastic new 3D version of the app, although currently only available on the iPhone, looks like it is worth the $20 price tag.

The key features:

  • Sun, moon and stars are shown against a 3D model of the actual landscape: you can see if the moon is next to a specific mountain peak
  • Controls for date, time of day and camera position are designed with photographers in mind: it’s easy to check the light for just the time you need
  • Seeing the light against a topographic map makes it easy to interpret: satellite map images often have shadows ‘baked in’
  • In enhanced mode, you can control the focal length of camera, making TPE 3D useful as a guide to composition and lens selection

App link 

Website link -

The Sun Surveyor app is another great little app to know exactly where the Sun and/or Moon will set or rise in augmented reality in your location, but you have to actually be there to use it and you can't see how the light will appear on the landscape - (free)

Digislider Team
Digislider Team


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