Our NEW Heavy Weight Wing Arm brings portability to 2.4kg loaded linear slides.


Our new heavy weight Wing Arm allows loads of up to 2.4kg to perfectly glide linearly over 48cm(19 inches). Don't forget, even if you have a 60cm slider, you will only get 50cm trackable distance from point to point because the carriage ends will be at least 5cm from the camera.  The Digislider Wing Arm allows maximum distance in a tiny portable compact package.

Digislider Heavy Duty Wing Arm.

Digislider Heavy Duty Wing Arm Compact

This isn't the only cool thing.  Add our motorized add-on and allow you have automated video and shoot-move-shoot time lapse at your fingertips.  Our latest hardware and software now allow for auto-loop/stop features for both video and time lapse.  Our time lapse mode is a super easy 4 step process.  Just select the start and end points, total time, and number of photos.  It will tell you your maximum exposure time within the selected parameters.


Yes, it does have 22cm less linear motion than it's little brother and only 1 axis, where as the Light Weight Wing Arm has both panning and linear, as you have a heavier load you can add our Pan/Tilt kits for dynamic 2 or 3 axis precise motion control.

 Digislider 3 axis Heavy Weight Wing Arm with the NMX Smartphone Controller

.Digislider Team
.Digislider Team


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