1-3 Wireless Motorized Mini 33cm Camera Slider with 54cm trackable distance.

Smartphone Controlled Wireless Motion

Motorized for Video & Time Lapse

Double the distance 54cm camera travel

5kg payload

Perfectly smooth and precise

Easily mountable to tripod legs.

The single axis kit has the controller built into the motor and is controlled via a separate app with the same features streamlined for single axis use.  For this option, you will need a power bank for 5 volts of power via USB (not included).

Digislider Video Time Lapse App Single AxisDigislider Video Time Lapse App Single Axis

If you add the pan or pan and tilt options the unit will come with a separate controller with its own separate app to control upto 3 axis.  For this option, an 8AA battery holder is included for 12 volts of power (batteries, not included).

Digislider Video Time Lapse App Muliple AxisDigislider Video Time Lapse App Muliple Axis


The Controller triggers the camera for a set amount of time and then moves the motor for a set distance. Perfect for long exposures like night time lapses. Just plug it into your camera, plug in the motor and the power source and you are ready to go.

  • Smartphone app for Android and iPhone/iPad makes camera movement fast and intuitive (lets you control via Bluetooth from up to 10 metres).
  • Real-time video and shoot-move-shoot time lapse
  • Auto-Loop/Stop with an easing in and out of shots
  • Shoot-Move-Shoot Time-lapse from 2 minutes up to 48 hours long
  • Set up in seconds
  • Plug-in and go

 Micro 2 Motorized Double Distance Slider

Micro 2 Product SizeMicro 2 Features

Add the Easy Lock foldable camera stand for ultra low shots without a tripod for £49 (save 20%) SOLD OUT.


Easylock ultra low stand

Easylock ultra low stand


Add a 2nd and 3rd axis for £199 each (save 20%).

Digislider Pan Tilt Wireless Kit




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