Dynamic Perception Stage One 4 All Motorized Slider - 3 Axis

£1,998.00 (inc. EU VAT)


Type: Camera Dolly Slider

3 Axis Wireless Smart Phone Controlled Motion for super quick set-up

Motorised for video & short & long exposure Time Lapse

Real-time motion & Shoot-Move-Shoot Time Lapse control

Vertical and Horizontal mounting

Dynamic Perception Stage One 4 All motorized slider with rotary 3 axis motion

Dynamic Perception NMX Controller Smart Phone Controlled Funcitons

The kit includes a Stage One 4 All Hardware kit (Cart and End Cap Clamps), Aluminium Rails (100cm/39in and 120cm/47in), NMX Controller,  3 x quick release Digital 19:1 stepper motor (variable speed up to 66in/min), 2 x Rotary Units, 2 x mid-span aluminium mounting brackets, Digislider Adjustable Feet, and a 12v rechargeable battery to power everything.

The Motors easily snap on with the quick release mechanism with minimal effort enabling a fully motorised dolly slider in seconds.

NMX Controller 

  • Runs without a phone or computer connection
  • Precise repeatable digital movement for move-shoot-move and smooth live action
  • Compact lightweight design
  • Developed with advanced exposure control device compatibility in mind Ramper Pro, Timelapse+, DSLRdashboard.
  • Dynamic Perception NMX Controller



    Pan & Tilt

    2 motors & 2 Dynamic Perception Rotary Units with bracket and angled plate.

    Dynamic Perception Rotary Units for Pan and Tilt




    Default options above include:

    1. Stage One4 All Hardware Kit Ultra-smooth compact camera cart for motorized time lapse and video or freestyle handheld operation Precision manufactured rail end-caps for easy setup on tripods or optional Adjustable Feet
    2. Digital NMX Motion Controller with free motion control software iOS/Android smartphone app: Compatible with devices featuring Bluetooth Low Energy Technology: iPhone (6+, 6, 5s, 5c, 5 & 4s), iPad (Air, Mini, 3rd & 4th gen), iPod Touch. Android 4.3 (or higher). Tethered Mac/PC software: Graffik 2.0 (ready for release soon)
    3. 100cm and 120cm Aluminum non-joinable rails (with locking mid-span supports)
    4. Portable 8000mah battery pack
    5. Camera cable
    6. Motor Quick-snap system including drive system idlers and pulley kit
    7. 3 x Digital 19:1 stepper motor (variable speed up to 66in/min)
    8. 2 x Rotary Units
    9. 2 x Mid-Span
    10. Digislider Adjustable Feet
    11. Toothed drive belt customized to match total length of rail you select

    Total system weight, including motor is 5.5lbs (2.5kg) / Load capacity is 12-15lbs (5.4-6.8kg)

    Compatible with most cameras with a supported cable including Panasonic and Sony's A7 range. Start shooting motion-integrated time lapse videos right away.  Greater control and greater accuracy than the SMS Controller, greater range of increments from 0.1mm to 20cm.

    What you will need: 

    Tripod and Head (not included)
    A sturdy tripod is needed if you want to raise the Stage One higher. Any tripod head capable of holding your camera is fine.
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