Digislider Silicone Universal Lens Cap - Fits over 99% of lenses

  • The All-in-one solution for the ultimate outdoor protection for your camera lenses
  • Fits any lens 60-110mm in diameter (99% of all lenses) including micro 4/3, SLR, medium format, vintage lenses, most DSLR, Mirrorless, Cine and Super telephoto lenses.
  • Waterproof, dust-proof, shock-absorbent, front/rear lens cap
  • Made from a thick high-performance siliconised rubber which stretches to fit and seal
  • Versatile design - Stretches over Traditional Lens Caps, Lens Hoods, ND Filters and even covers Drones!


The universal lens cap fits any lens from 60-110mm. Made from thick waterproof siliconised rubber which adds supreme protection from bumps and scrapes. Stretches over Traditional Lens Caps, Lens Hoods and ND Filters. The only lens caps you are ever going to need. It is waterproof, dust-proof, shock-absorbent and can be used for either the front or rear lens cap. Double up and have protection either end or double up either end for greater protection from shocks and bumps or falls. Fits micro 4/3, SLR, medium format and vintage lenses over 60mm. Fits most DSLR, Mirrorless, cine and Super telephoto lenses up to 110mm in diametre, although this will be a fraction tighter and will take a fraction longer to take off.


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