Digislider Bundle Kits

The Digislider will give you the edge you need to stay ahead.

It’s a lightweight, portable camera slider with motorised upgrades.

It is solid as a rock, and will handle all terrain and weather.

All parts are machined and laser cut from aircraft grade aluminium here in the UK to ensure precision, strength and durability.

Everything fits snugly together onto the German manufactured Rail and Carriage from Igus.

With the growing market in affordable DSLR cameras, high-end quality video and photography is now attainable for the masses. With this comes growing competition and the need to stand out from the crowd.

The Digislider is a tool that provides that unique feature and makes your work stand out. With its very small learning curve, quick set-up times and ease of use in confined spaces, you can get high-end tracking shots in seconds anywhere. It is the perfect compliment to the on the move filmmaker.


Sunrise and sunset time lapse - How to get it right

October 28, 2013


This blog runs over a few different techniques on getting sunrise/sunset time lapse right.

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Infrared video and photography

September 30, 2013

infrared filterInfrared photography the camera's sensor is sensitive to infrared light.  Most camera's have an infrared blocker filter that filters out the infrared light so it only lets the visible light we see with our eyes through.  The following are three ways to achieve infrared photography or real-time video work.  The fake infrared effect, the infrared lens filter, and the converted infrared camera.

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5 extremely useful ways to break barriers with ND (Neutral Density) Filters

August 29, 2013

ND filter demonstration - Digislider Blog

Want to get rid of those tourists from your photos and time lapse work of popular landmarks, or capture movement that your camera doesn't allow when the conditions are too bright? This blog will go over the uses and advantages of ND filter. It also provides an evaluation of variable ND filters from a range of prices.

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