About Us

We are a company based in the UK founded in 2011 who specialise in professional, portable and affordable motion camera systems for video, time lapse photography and stop motion animation.

Our mission is to provide quality and capability at a low-cost.  We aim for our products to be user friendly, easy to use and easy to travel with.

  • Light - We design our products so they are light and easy to carry.
  • Precise - Our products are machined to a +/-0.02mm tolerance from aircraft grade aluminium for a high-end quality to enable precise motion.
  • Portable  - We aim to make sure our products are portable and easy to set-up in the field.
  • Affordable - We prize ourselves on providing high-end quality products at affordable prices.

With the growing market of affordable DSLR cameras, high-end video and photography quality is now attainable for the masses.  With this comes growing competition and the need to stay ahead and not get lost in the crowd is vital.  The Digislider products provide that unique feature that makes your work stand out.  With it's very small learning curve, quick set-up times and ease of use in confined spaces, you can get high-end tracking, panning shots in seconds.  It is a perfect compliment to an on the move filmmaker.

If you have any feedback on any of our products, please do not hesitate to let us know. There is no perfect product and products can always be better.  We strive to make our products better for you.  Our users are the best critics of our products and we would love to hear from you regarding any ideas you think could improve on them.