Digislider VT Stepper Controller and Stepper Motor Upgrade - Video & Shoot-Move-Shoot Time Lapse (with Auto-Loop)

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Stop Motion

Reduced Motor Noise

•Real-time video and shoot-move-shoot time lapse
•Delayed lead-ins
•Shoot-Move-Shoot Time-lapse from 5 minutes up to 24 hours long per metre
•Shoot-move-shoot mode
•Set-up a time lapse in seconds
•Plug-in and go

The VT Controller triggers the camera for a set amount of time and then moves the motor for a set distance; doing this on a repetitive loop. Just plug it into your camera, plug in the motor (with the cable provided) and the power source and you are ready to go.  It will control our Stepper Motor (included with mount for our Auto-Pan Digisliders) at speeds as fast as 20 seconds per metre in continuous mode.  In Time Lapse (Shoot-Move-Shoot) Mode you can get 24 hours.

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