Digislider Video & Time Lapse Slider Motion Control Kit

£299.00 £449.00

£358.80 (inc. EU VAT)

Light. Precise. Portable and Affordable

Motorised for Video & short & long exposure Time Lapse

Real-time motion & Shoot-Move-Shoot Time Lapse control

5kg/11lbs Vertical & 10kg/22lbs Horizontal load

Smooth video-like motion with hand crank system

Digislider Video & Time Lapse Kit

All kits include a Digislider (75cm, 100cm, 150cm or 200cm), Controller (options are below), Slow (best for Time Lapse) or Fast Motor (best for Video), and a 8 x AA battery holder to power everything.

The Motors easily slip on with minimal effort enabling a fully motorised dolly slider in seconds.



(Continuous Motion)


The Standard kit includes all the above, and an Motor Controller MKII.  It provides 15 secs to 4 mins p/metre with the Fast Motor, 4 mins to 1.5 hrs p/metre with the Slow Motor.

Digislider Motor Controller MKII for Video and Time Lapse

The MKII Motor Controller features:

• Real-Time bi-directional controller.
• Reduced high pitch motor noise
• Works for Video and Time Lapse (camera trigger device not supplied)
• Internal 9v Battery compartment
• Plug-in and go

The Motor Controller MKII is a real-time continuous motion controller and it allows control of both the Fast and Slow Motors, including the speed and direction (with the dial).  It will control the Fast Motor (15 seconds to 3 minutes per metre with a 12 volt power source and 20 secs to 4 mins with a 9 volt power source) and the Slow Motor at speeds as fast as 4 minutes per metre.  It can achieve speeds as slow as 40 minutes per metre with a 12 volt power source, 1.5 with a 9 volt power source.

Premium MX3

(Continuous and Shoot-Move-Shoot)


The Premium MX3 kit includes all the above and the MX3 Controller.  In continuous motion mode it provides 15 secs to 4 mins p/metre with the Fast Motor and 4 mins to 1.5 hrs p/metre with Slow Motor.  In shoot-move-shoot mode it provides 20 secs to 15 days p/metre with the Fast Motor and 5 mins to 1 month p/metre with the Slow Motor.

Dynamic Perception MX3 Time Lapse Controller with Digislider for Time Lapse and Video 

The MX3 Controller features:

•Real-time video and shoot-move-shoot time lapse
•Ramping/feathering and delayed lead-ins
•Control of auto-focus and exposure on-camera
•Live voltage metering and warning levels when batteries are low
•Auto-dim the screen to reduce power draw when shooting in the field
•Advanced motor control reduces power draw during continuous motion moves


Compatible with all cameras with an supported cable including Panasonic and Sony's A7 range. Start shooting motion-integrated time lapse videos right away.  Greater control and greater accuracy than the SMS Controller, greater range of increments from 0.1mm to 20cm.


Optional Extras

The new Digislider Auto Pan allows for up to 100 degrees of automatic panorama or tracking of your camera as it moves across the slider.

A hand operated quick release adjustable mechanism at each end of the slider alters the amount and direction of pan to focus as close as 25cm/10" to infinite.

The Digislider will need to be elevated slightly above the ground for the panning device to be attached so we recommend our Adjustable Feet.

digislider auto pan add-on


Digislider Features:

Digislider Rail

5 x 3/8” tripod threads

16 x 1/4” threads

Specialised DryLin® plastics ensures maintenance free all weather durable smooth & silent gliding

Digislider igus Drylin Linear Carriage Bearings for maintenance free all weather durable smooth motion

Digislider rubber grips for maximum stability

Heavy duty rubber grips

Maximum friction & stability

Quick Adjustment Resistance Screw for the perfect fluidity.

Digislider Motorized Slider Resistance Screw

Digislider Easy Release Motor Mount

Easy Release Motor Mounts

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