£330.00 (inc. EU VAT)

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  • • Light. Precise. Portable and Affordable.
    • Motorised Upgrade options
    • Vertical and Horizontal mounting
    • Aluminium and Steel parts
    • Sturdy Solid build
    • Smooth video-like motion with hand crank system
    • Easy Operation.

  • The Digislider is a precision engineered belt driven camera slider that comes in 75cm, 100cm, 150cm or 200cm lengths.  All you need is a tripod head and a camera and you are ready to go.

    It is solid as a rock, and will handle all terrain and weather.

    It enables smooth and accurate motion via a hand crank (The carriage can also be moved up and down the the rail by hand).

    It does exclude the Digislider Fast and Slow Motors (for video and time lapse) which easily slip on with minimal effort enabling a fully motorised dolly slider in seconds with the Digislider Motor Controller and/or Digislider Shoot-Move-Shoot Controller (sold separately).

    The Digislider is well-suited for small DSLRs to larger cameras with lenses, microphones, and other gear (about 10 kgs of weight in total for easy movement).

    It now has new wider precision engineered shafts with new German engineered polymer low coefficient of friction, low wear shaft bearings.

    The rail now has 5 x 3/8 inch tripod threads and 12 x 1/4 inch threads. This allows numerous varieties of attachments along with the tripod or light stands. It also allows for a more sturdy attachment when using a single tripod as both the 3/8 and 1/4 inch screws on the tripod head plate can be utilised, either way to allow more sturdy vertical shots or tilted horizontal shots.

  • 1 x Digislider
    1 x Allen Key Set


Type: Camera Dolly Slider