Digislider Single Axis Extendable Wireless Motorised Slider for Video & Time Lapse

£199.00 £399.00

Extendable, portable, packable from 40cm to over 200cm!

Wireless Smartphone Controlled for super quick & easy set-ups

Real-time motion and/or Shoot-Move-Shoot Time Lapse control

10kg/22lbs Horizontal, 2kg/4.4lbs at 45 degrees & 1kg/2.2lbs Vertical

Slide (0.1mm per step)


Digislider extendable slider 40-120cm

Digislide extendable 40-200cm slider

The standard kit comes with 3 sets of 40cm carbon fibre joinable rails that can be joined together for an 80cm slider or 120cm slider (as well as 160cm and 200cm for the 40-200cm kit).  A motor is included.  The motor is operated wirelessly by a smartphone app for iPhone and/or Android devices.  You will need a power bank for 5 volts of power via USB (not included).

Smartphone App Features:

Digislider Timelapse appDigislider Video app

  • SET-UP: Turn on Bluetooth and open the app. The device will be automatically found. Enter “AB Point Set” from the main menu screen and set the start and end points. Press the left or right arrows to move in that direction and the centre icon to set A which is the start. Do the same again for B which is the end position.
  • VIDEO MODE: Select the speed of the video. Slide the bar next to “Reverse” to turn on or off continuous loop mode (Default is off). Press the centre icon to start the video. The arrows will allow you to change direction in real time. You can also change the speed in real-time.
  • TIME LAPSE MODE: Set the Interval/Frames (Time between each shot/frame). Set Exposure/Shutter (Exposure time available). If your camera is in Bulb mode the app will trigger the camera’s shutter for this amount of time. Set the number of photos. The duration will change below. Press the icon to start.

The Central Tripod Mount is a mid-rail support is an additional add-on for £39 which adds an adjustable mounting clampable to be positioned anywhere along the rail for extra support.  We recommend this if you want the rail to be centre mounted but the two central wheels must be removed from the carriage to use.

Digislider pan tilt rotary unit

Pan and Tilt options are not available for this version as it utilises more basic hardware and software.  If you require more 2 or 3 axis please check out our multiple axis range - https://www.digislider.co.uk/collections/extendable-sliders

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