eMotimo/Dynamic Perception Motor Mount for the Digislider


£34.80 (inc. EU VAT)

    • eMotimo/Dynamic Perception motor compatibility
    • Motor mount designed to skip belt to prevent motor damage.
    • Easy Operation
    • Aluminium and Steel parts
  • Designed to be used with eMotimo's stepper motors as well as Dynamic Perception's DC and Stepper Motors enabling 1-3 axis motion control with the awesome eMotimo's TB3 and an extra stepper motor or Dynamic Perception's MX2 or NMX controller and their Rotary Units.

    This motor mount is designed to skip the teeth on the motor pulley belt to prevent internal motor damage when the carriage reaches the end of the track.

    They easily slip on and screws securely to the end of the Digislider.

  • 1 x Motor Mount Plate
    3 x Small Screw
    1 x Pulley (8mm bore)
    2 x Pulley Grub Screw
    2 x Thumb Screw
    2 x Rubber Washer
    1 x Rubber Belt

    Assembly is required - Click here for Digislider Motor Instructions

    You will need a 2mm allen key to assemble.

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Type: Motors

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