eMotimo Geared Stepper Motors


£94.80 (inc. EU VAT)

eMotimo geared stepper motors.  Use with the eMotimo TB3 and our Digislider for 3 axis motion control or the NMX controller.

There is a choice of 3 motors with different gear ratios.

27:1 is good for time lapse and is strong and can do vertical moves, but is not fast enough for most real time moves.

14:1 is good for time lapse and real-time video and is strong enough to do vertical moves, but it will not have enough speed for fast video moves.

5:1 is 5 times faster than the 27:1 so it is good for much faster moves, but will stall with vertical component moves.


If you have a Digislider then please select the motor mount and cable length too.

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