Digislider High Torque Motor (SLOW)


£66.00 (inc. EU VAT)

    • Motorise your Digislider in seconds
    • 45% more power
    • Gears encased in steel to minimise noise
    • Just plug into anyone of our Controllers and you are ready to go
    • Motor mount designed to skip belt to prevent motor damage.
    • Easy Operation
    • Aluminium and Steel parts
  • The new noise attenuated power motors are here and are replacing all the first generation motors. A new steel encased gearbox means there is a considerable reduction in motor noise. The new metal gearbox incorporates sleeve bearings, enabling the high torque transfer to be transmitted through the gearbox, resulting in 45% more torque than our previous motors.

    The motor mount is designed to skip the teeth on the motor pulley belt to prevent internal motor damage when the carriage reaches the end of the track.

    They easily slip on and screws securely to the end of the Digislider.

    The Digislider motors, when attached, can operate the Digislider in a horizontal, vertical and upside down/overhead way. The motors are well suited to move small DSLRs to larger cameras with lenses, microphones, and other gear (about 10 kgs/22lbs maximum for horizontal movement and 5 kg/11 lbs maximum for vertical movement).

    Slow Motor

    The Digislider Slow Motor is designed for time-lapse photography and with any of the Digislider Motor Controllers will allow a top speed of 5 minutes per metre, using a 12v external battery.  Its slowest speed is 40 minutes per metre, 90 minutes per metre using a 9V battery source.

    (compatible with the MX2/MX3 controller by Dynamic Perception)

    It can also be used with the Digislider Shoot-Move-Shoot Controller which will enable:

    • Shoot-Move-Shoot (Interleaved)

    • Extended run time (24 hours per meter)

    • From 0.04"/1mm to 30.9"/78.5mm travel between shots

  • Assembled: 1 x Slow Motor
    2 x Thumb Screw
    1 x Rubber Belt

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