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Tech Specs:
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Connections & Ports


i/o port: for external triggering or custom outputs
aux step port: powers additional 4-wire stepper motor
camera: controls camera’s shutter release (cable required)
usb: firmware updates / software integration
power: 12V barrel connector
tilt motor: powers tilt motor

    eMotimo TB3 Premium Operating System (OS) includes:
    • 3-point keyframing
    • Shoot move shoot mode (SMS)
    • Video Mode
    • Programmable Ramp
    • Programmable stationary time
    • Entirely programmable from hand-held remote
    • HDR shooting supported
    • Manual triggering (stop-frame animation)
    • External triggering (bulb ramping solution)
    • Dragonframe integration
    • Giga Panorama

    AC adapter:  A 12volt international wall adapter for UK and EU can be purchased. Plugging in unapproved power sources can damage your TB3. Use one of these when you are close to an outlet or in a studio.
    External battery: We can supply a 12v battery if required.  Please select in the drop down menu above.

    TB3 Product Map

    What connects to the eMotimo TB3? Take a look at our product map below: