Came Mini 2 - 3 axis carbon fibre gimbal stabilizer

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Completely tool-less

Super light-weight (1.1kg/2.65lbs)

Weight Limit of 1.2kg/2.6 lbs
(perfect for GH4, A7S & BMPCC)

Ready to use straight out the box.



Fast set-up thanks to the quick release system that allows the operator to remove/install your camera, change setups and re-balance faster.

A thumb controller joystick allows you to direct the pan & tilt manually as well as to switch through the different profiles (follow model, lock model, or commixture mode).

  • Follow Model - Follows operator's pan & tilt movement
  • Commixture Model - Follows operator's pan movement (tilt function is locked/disabled and remains stationary)
  • Lock model - Both pan & tilt axis are locked/disabled (remains stationary)

Everything is included:


  1. CAME-MINI2 Gimbal
  2. Gimbal Balance Stand
  3. Custom Molded Carrying Case
  4. 4 x 18650 Rechargeable Batteries
  5. Battery Charger

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