Digislider Carbon Fibre 3 Axis Camera Stabilizer - Modified Came H4

£165.00 £229.00

£198.00 (inc. EU VAT)

Lightweight, compact & incredibly stable counterbalancing system
Preventing unwanted "camera shake"
Precisely adjustable to balance cameras for up to 3kg/6.6lbs
When buying a stabilizer you must look out for:
Gripped mounting plate


Our quick release plate has custom made rubber grips so your camera does not slip.


Fine tuning balance


Once set, that's it! You can fold away & there is no need to re-balance when you want to use it again.


Adjustable Gimbal handle


It has a knurled grip for steering & panning to direct the camera exactly where you want it.


Compactness & Portability


Folding counterweights offers you a compact design that can be quickly folded out in seconds.



Without these features it would be extremely cumbersome to dial in perfect balance.


Fine tuning dials for quick and easy adjustments

Bubble levels for exact balance

Folds up for extreme portability

Premium bearings for smooth handling & stabilization.

Adjustable gimbal handle for fine tuning balance

Knurled grip for steering & panning

Custom rubber gripped plate to prevent camera slippage.

Multiple mounting options, mount your own quick release plate for convenience

Counterweight system allows for the ability to easily adjust for a range of cameras upto 3kg/6.6lbs

Width 65 mm
Height 315-450 mm
Depth 60 mm
Weight 630g (Without Counterweights)
Weight 1230g (With Counterweights)
Counterweights: Small = 50g, Large = 150g.
Load capacity: 400-3000 grams (1-6.6 lbs)
Material: Carbon fibre and stainless steel
What you get:
1 x Carbon Fibre Stabilizer (Modified Laing H3/Came H4)
1 x Carrying Bag

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