Digislider Motorised Carbon Fibre Mini Jib - DSLR Crane

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Type: Jib

The Digislider Motorised Carbon Fibre Jib

Super portable & extendable

Automatic or Manual pan & tilt for video & time lapse

Motorised Options:

3 Axis Pan & Tilt with MX3 Controller

3 Axis Pan and Tilt option comes with 3 DC motors, mount, 2 Dynamic Perception Rotary Units, panning tool, and a MX3 controller for more precise Time Lapse and Video control, with ramping/feathering and delayed start time.

Coming Soon!

Jib Features:

Our Panning Tool is custom made for our Digislider jib.
Allows manual panning or can be combined with a Rotary Unit for motorised panning.
All 2 or 3 axis kits come with the Panning Tool as standard.

Assembly instructions - click here
If you already have a Jib (from 2015 or later) you can buy the motor add-on by clicking here

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