Digislider NMX Video Time Lapse Slider with 2 to 3 axis upgrades - REFURB

£599.00 £699.00

These are refurbished with full warranty and selling without VAT under the VAT Margin Scheme.

Light. Precise. Portable and Affordable

Wireless Smartphone Controlled for super quick & easy set-ups

PS3 Controller analogue control

Real-time motion and/or Shoot-Move-Shoot Time Lapse control

5kg/11lbs Vertical & 10kg/22lbs Horizontal load

2 or 3 axis upgrades

Dragonframe Software compatible

Digislider multiple axis pan slide tilt video shoot move shoot time lapse stop motion slider

All kits include a Digislider (50cm or 100cm), NMX Controller (options are below), 4:1 Fast Motor (perfect for video & Time Lapse),  and a 8 x AA battery holder to power everything.

The Motors easily slip on with minimal effort enabling a fully motorised dolly slider in seconds.

Controller Features:

NMX Controller

(Continuous and Shoot-Move-Shoot with delayed start and ramping)

The NMX Controller (continuous and shoot-move-shoot motion device) features:

• The Dynamic Perception NMX Smartphone app makes fully autonomous camera movement fast and intuitive
• Fully repeatable control of up to 3-axes or expand to over 100 and create a digital motion network
• Simple set start and end positions with  precise repeatablity with the auto-loop or stop modes
• 3-point keyframing
• Shoot move shoot mode (SMS)
• Controls all 3 axis for pan, tilt and slide.

Download the NMX quick start guide - click here

For extra cables please click here


Dynamic Perception NMX Controller with Digislider

The NMX motion app is available for Android and iPhone.

Dynamic Perception NMX Controller Apple App Dynamic Perception NMX Controller Anroid App


The NMX Controller triggers the camera for a set amount of time and then moves the motor for a set distance; doing this on a repetitive loop. Perfect for long exposures like night time lapse. Just plug it into your camera, plug in the motor and the power source and you are ready to go.

Dynamic Perception NMX Motion Control App Dynamic Perception NMX Motion Control App Dynamic Perception NMX Motion Control App Dynamic Perception NMX Motion Control App Dynamic Perception NMX Motion Control App

Motion Editing Software: Graffik 2.0

Dynamic Perception Graffik 2 Software

Free download for windows and Mac - DOWNLOAD GRAFFIK 2.0

Graffik 2.0 is a free software from Dynamic Perception for their NMX Controller that allows you to design complex time lapses and video moves with:

  • unlimited keyframes
  • precise repeatability for VFX (visual effects)
  • precision curve controls for smooth ease ins and ease outs
  • automatic rescaling
  • an easy to use visual interface for quick set-up

Pan Tilt Features:

Smalllight but extremely powerful

Handles 20kg/44lbs Panning & 6kg/13lbs Tilting

12000 Steps per rotation, 0.03 degrees per step

Max Speed 10 seconds per full rotation

Each Pan/Tilt Unit weighs 750g/1.6 lbs

The 2 units can be separated for single axis pan or tilt


Digislider Pan Tilt Rotary Head Units

Digislider Features:

Digislider Rail

5 x 3/8” tripod threads

16 x 1/4” threads

Specialised DryLin® plastics ensures maintenance free all weather durable smooth & silent gliding

Digislider igus Drylin Linear Carriage Bearings for super smooth motion

Digislider rubber grips for maximum stability

Heavy duty rubber grips

Maximum friction & stability

Quick Adjustment Resistance Screw for the perfect fluidity.

Digislider Motorized Slider Resistance Screw

Digislider Easy Release Motor Mount

Easy Release Motor Mounts

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