100cm Digislider Video & Time Lapse Basic Slider Kit

We only have a few left.  These are refurbished goods with a full warranty.
They are being sold under the VAT Margin Scheme so no VAT is charged.

Light. Precise. Portable and Affordable

Motorised for Real-time motion Video

5kg/11lbs Vertical & 10kg/22lbs Horizontal load

Smooth video-like motion with hand crank system

Digislider Basic Video Slider

All kits include a Digislider (100cm), Basic Motor Controller, Motor (Fast or Slow) and 8 x AA battery holder.

The Motors easily slip on with minimal effort enabling a fully motorised dolly slider in seconds.

(15 secs to 3 minutes per metre of continuous motion)

The Motor Controller features:

• Real-Time bi-directional controller with direction switch.
• Reduced high pitch motor noise
• Plug-in and go

The Motor Controller is a real-time continuous motion controller with speed control (with the dial) and direction (with the switch).  It will control the Fast Motor for 15 seconds to 3 minutes per metre and the Slow Motor for 8 minutes to 1 hour per metre.

Digislider video controller

Digislider Features:

Digislider Rail

5 x 3/8” tripod threads

16 x 1/4” threads

Specialised DryLin® plastics ensures maintenance free all weather durable smooth & silent gliding

Digislider igus Drylin Linear Carriage Bearings for maintenance free all weather durable smooth motion

Digislider rubber grips for maximum stability

Heavy duty rubber grips

Maximum friction & stability

Quick Adjustment Resistance Screw for the perfect fluidity.

Digislider Motorized Slider Resistance Screw

Digislider Easy Release Motor Mount

Easy Release Motor Mounts

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