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  • Back in stock end of JULY

    If you have a Hybrid Carriage you will need to purchase - Digislider Hybrid Carriage Adaptor

    • Turn your Glidetrack HD or igus 16-60 rail into a hand crank system.
    • Motorised Upgrade options
    • Light. Precise. Portable and Affordable.
    • Sturdy Solid build
    • Aluminium and Steel parts
    • Smooth video-like motion with hand crank system
    • Easy Operation.

  • Back in stock end of JULY

    Turn your Glidetrack HD slider into a hand crank system with optional motorised upgrade for video and time laspe with the Digislider Fast and Slow Motors and the Digislider Motor Controller and/or Digislider Shoot-Move-Shoot Controller (sold separately).

    The Digislider can be bought without the IGUS 16-60 rail if you already own one, or wish to buy one elsewhere. The two components slip on the ends of the WS-16-60 DryLin Rails by IGUS (same as Glidetrack HD rails) and the belt threads through a clip and is attached on the bottom of the carriage.

    It now has new wider precision engineered shafts with new German engineered polymer low coefficient of friction, low wear shaft bearings.

    The Digislider Add-On, when connected to the IGUS rail, is well-suited for small DSLRs to larger cameras with lenses, microphones, and other gear (about 10 kgs of weight in total for easy movement).

    If you would like to purchase extra belts, pleaseclick here

    For compatibility with Glidetrack's Hybrid Carriage please purchase the Digislider Hybrid Carriage Adaptor

  • 1 x Digislider Add-On:
    • 2 x shafts
    • 2 x small pulley
    • 1 x large motor pulley
    • 2 x pulley box
    • 4 x box caps
    • 1 x belt for 100cm/39″ rail
    • 1 x belt clip
    • 1 x 3/8-16 UNC screw
    • 4 x countersunk rail attachment screws
    • 2 x 5mm grub screw
    • 4 x 10mm grub screw
    • 1 x revolving handle
    • 1 x handle shaft
    • 1 x handle spacer
    • 4 x rubber feet
    • 4 x steel rubber feet screws

    1 x Allen Key Set

    Assembly is required - Click here for Digislider Assembly Instructions

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