• Motor Controller
  • Motor Controller

Motor Controller

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  • • Real-Time bi-directional controller.
    • Reduced high pitch motor noise
    • Works for Video and Time Lapse
    • Works with Fast & Slow Motors
    • Plug-in and go

  • The Motor Controller is a real-time continuous motion controller which can be used with both the Slow and Fast Motors for time lapse and video work. It allows control of the speed (with the knob) and direction (with the switch) of the Digislider Motors.  You can be used it for basic continuous timelapse work, with an external intervalometer/remote timer.

    It can be powered with a variety of external power sources from 4.5 volts up to 15 volts like our 12 volt lithium battery pack.

    Please check out our Shoot-Move-Shoot Controller, which is a shoot-move shoot controller perfect for long exposure or high dynamic range (HDR) time lapses.

    For Motor Controller Instructions -Please Click Here

  • • 1 x Digislider Motor Controller

Category: controller motion

Type: Controller

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