Unconventional & unique cinematic camera slider moves you may not know about


You can add great depth and production value to a picture when you incorporate unque and unconventional  tracking and/or dolly shots by varying slider speeds and angles for different types of scenes wherever you are shooting video or time lapse.  The video above show the standard slider moves you may be more aware of.

Here are some very good tips on cinematic camera slider moves, especially the push in dolly with twist (dutch angle) - see video below.



You can even take advantage of a great technique where you can flip your slider over and mount the carriage/cart directly to the tripod and mount the camera to the end.  This will allow you to create extended dolly shots without the end of the slider getting in the way.

Standard Slider Mount

Rail mounted on tripod in the centre.

Camera mounted to carriage/cart.

Flipped 180 degrees

Slider is flipped and carriage/cart is mounted directly to tripod.

Camera mounted to end of rail (the end threads on our Digislider can be utilised for this).

Thanks to Dynamic Perception for this one.

Angled at 90 degrees

Carriage/cart mounted on tripod head and tilted at 90 degrees.

Camera mounted to end of rail at 90 degrees to level back up (the end threads on our Digislider can be utilised for this).

Digislider Team
Digislider Team


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