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The Best Pan & Tilt Heads for Time Lapse, Video & Stop Motion Animation

A good quality fluid tripod head will allow smooth and accurate panning and tilting shots. But if you want a different option or are interested in doing time lapse shots with panning and tilting, then a motorised pan and tilt head could be for you.

The following is a summary of a range of the best time lapse and video pan and tilt heads and controllers that can be used on their own or with the Digislider and other sliders.

eMotimo Spectrum ST4

The Spectrum ST4 is everything you would want and need in the slickest way possible - approx £2544/€2077/$2299 - for video, time lapse & stop motion the Spectrum ST4 is a 4 axis power house offering all the bells and whistles of high end gear that is 4 times more expensive.  You can hook it up to a slider and a motorised follow focus to control for some awesome pan, tilt, slide focus action.

It comes with a wireless PS4 joystick for quick and easy control, feedback and selection. - http://emotimo.com/spectrum/

The Digislider pan/tilt rotary head units - (£199/€220/$244 per unit and £797/€882/$975 for 2 including the NMX Controller) - the cheapest option of the bunch - http://www.digislider.co.uk/products/digislider-pan-tilt-rotary-head-units-for-video-time-lapse-stop-motion

The gear system results in zero backlash so it is very stable in high winds.  One pan/tilt unit can be bought separately and can easy be attached to another for Pan and Tilt functionality.  The units are controlled by the awesome Dynamic Perception NMX Controller which is, in our opinion, the best digital motion control device on the market for it's price because of its user friendly interface and super quick set-up and automation which makes shooting video and time lapse a breeze.  It can be hooked up to Graffik 2.0 Motion Editing Software (Mac and Windows free open source software) for greater control with unlimited keyframes and powerful motion editing.  Dragon Frame animation software is also compatible.

The controller can control 3 motors at a time so you can add it to our Digislider or Digislider Jib for 3 axis motion control. The latest update includes compatibility with the wireless PS4 joystick for quick and easy control, feedback and selection.

Digislider multiple axis pan tilt video shoot move shoot time lapse stop motion units


Dynamic Perception Rotary Units with NMX - (approx $400/£300/€350 per unit and £900/€1100/$1300 for 2 including the NMX Controller) - great for both time lapse & video. It has greater versitility than the eMotimo Spectrum ST4 and the Digislider Pan/Tilt because not only can the 2 axis be seperated like the Digilsider's, they can be combined in many unique ways because of it's multiple motor mount connections and bracket mounting threads.  It sits between the 2 in terms of price - http://www.digislider.co.uk/products/stage-r-rotary-pan-and-tilt-bundle-2-axis-kit

Dynamic Perception Rotary kit

Dynamic Perception also have Sapphire Pro Pan + Tilt head - $1750/£1429/€1583 - https://www.dynamicperception.com/Sapphire-Pro-Pan-Tilt-Head

The Sapphire Pro is a pre-assembled pan + tilt head and features professional locking motor connector cables and includes the Pro NMX Motion Controller.  It is smaller and lighter than its other Rotary Units, comes pre-assembled, is ready to go straight out the box, and remains very stable in high winds.

Dynamic Perception Sapphire Pro Pan Tilt Head

Digislider Team
Digislider Team


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