What Tripod Heads to use with my slider?

February 20, 2017


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This blog runs through a few video and photography heads that are useful with the Digislider or similar camera sliders.

You may find that a lot of tripod heads mount fine on flat surfaces, like the carriage of the Digislider, but the panning resistance adjuster, near the base, is often restricted by the carriage, like the following:

Manfrotto MVH500AV Fluid Video Head - £99.00 - amazon.co.uk

manfrotto mvh500

If so, you will need a riser or a like the following:

Manfrotto 120 converter 1/4" Male 3/8" - £23.00 - amazon.co.uk

manfrotto raiser 120

1/4" to 3/8" Convert Screw Adapter - £5.00 - amazon.co.uk

Video Heads

E-Image EI-717AH - £60.00 - proav.co.uk - no need for a riser 

Velbon PH368 Panhead - £30.00 - amazon.co.uk - no need for a riser

Ball Heads

The Andoer Ball Head is a great solid choice and well worth the £12 - amazon.co.uk

andoer ball head

If you find your ball head has a 1/4" mounting thread, then you can use this 3/8" male to 1/4" female converter plate - amazon.co.uk

.Digislider Team
.Digislider Team


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February 25, 2014

Hi Andrew. The mounting thread on the carriage is a 3/8 inch standard tripod mount and most cameras have a 1/4 inch thread so you won’t be able to mount the camera directly on the carriage without some sort of adaptor like the Manfrotto 120 converter 1/4" Male 3/8".


February 21, 2014

is it essential to use a video head? or can the DSLR directly mount to the slider?

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