5 extremely useful ways to break barriers with ND (Neutral Density) Filters


Want to get rid of those tourists from your photos and time lapse work of popular landmarks, or capture movement that your camera doesn't allow when the conditions are too bright? This blog will go over the uses and advantages of using ND filters by achieving things that your camera cannot do on it's own. It will also provide an evaluation of variable ND filters from a range of prices.

ND filters are great for getting longer exposures in bright conditions to get the correct exposure.

By reducing the available light to the camera's sensor, you can exposure longer to get your desired effect without being over exposed, not only in photography but for motion time lapse on your Digislider and our Shoot-Move-Shoot Controller.


This is great is you want to capture the movement of water or people.


Another great use is when capturing famous landmarks and lots of tourists are passing by.  Stick an ND on and take a long exposure, 2-4 seconds is all it can take sometimes.  Most of the time if the tourists are moving they will have now vanished, and your landmark is now free of people.


Sometimes your apeture is closed to reduce light to your sensor in order to get the correct exposure.  But you find that you want a more shallow depth-of-field as too much is in focus.  Your only alternative again is the ND filter.  You can open up your apeture wider as the ND filter reduces the light, and you can then expose correctly with you desired depth-of-field.

Apeture and ND Filters - Flower


For close ups you can't always reduce the exposure of the flash enough with the camera settings. This is where the ND filter can help once more.

This is a cut down version of the blog - ephotozine.com

Variable ND Filter Shootout

A great video test of the available variable ND filters on the market by Dave Dougdale at LearningDSLRvideo.com.

Dave recommends the following variable ND filters based on his tests:

Digislider Team
Digislider Team


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