The cheapest bulb ramping device for the perfect time-lapse

It is difficult to get the "Holy Grail" sunrise, sunset, night to day time lapse right.  The equipment needed to allow for smooth fluid parameter changes to compensate for changes in light can be expensive.  Promo Systems Controller (£250/$329) and Timelapse+ (£290/$385) do it well but they are out of the budget of most enthusiasts.

However, there are ways to do sunrise/set time lapses on the cheap with bulb ramping devices.  Here comes the Miops Dongle US store ($37) - UK Amazon link (£31)

Miops Dongle

The little device connects your smartphone to your camera and works some magic, seamlessly changing exposures to allow for smooth light transitions.

miops dongle bulb ramping picture

It works with most cameras like Canon, Nikon, Panasonic and Sonys and for $37/£35 it is a bargain, especially if you are just starting out and want to play around before investing in something more expensive.

If you have a Canon camera check out the awesome Magic Lantern software (FREE!) which has automatic bulb ramping mode setup (click here for instructions)

Also check out our blog on techniques from finding the right place with the help of software and to hardware options to make your life easier -

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.Digislider Team


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