Tutorial – HDR time lapse from single exposure RAW images

If you do not have the option for multiple exposure settings, find that your camera and/or memory card can't handle the amount of RAW files being written or require fairly short intervals between each shot but still want to create a rich...

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Magic Lantern Firmware - Want more from your Canon DSLR?

Want more from your DSLR Camera? Magic Lantern firmware may be your answer. And it’s free! -

On-screen audio meters

Manual gain control with no AGC...

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Control your DSLR with your phone or tablet

Control your DSLR with your phone or tablet - with the growing usage of smart phones and tablets comes a plethora of apps that offer the control of your DSLR right in the palm of your hand.

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November 11, 2012

4 ways to create the 1000fps slow motion look

A range of effective ways of producing "slow motion" in post-production without shooting at a frames rate.

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Quick rolling shutter fix

Rolling Shutter problems are always a problem with DSLRs when recording video because of there CMOS sensors. Here is a quick fix with the new After Effects CS6 on Windows and Mac.

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HDR (High Dynamic Range) Time Lapse Tutorial

HDRCameras at the moment just cannot capture the range of highlights and shadows you see through your own eyes. So the idea of HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography is to emulate the dynamic range of the human eye and show how it appears naturally to your eye.

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