4 ways to create the 1000fps slow motion look

1000fps slow mo using Twixtor

Vison-FX's Twixtor is a one of the best ways to create really smooth slow motion. It is recommended that you shoot at around 60fps at a minimum for Twixtor to be able to add extra frames.

1000fps slow mo using Apple's "Motion" and "Final Cut Pro"

Twixtor is a great way adding extra frames to create really smooth slow motion. But it is expensive and if you do not have it then you can at least use Final Cut Pro and Motion as explained in the following tutorial from Crumplepot.

1000fps slow mo using photo bursts

Another super cheap way is to take continuous photo bursts and slightly change the movement.

1000fps fake slow mo

Its shot in real time but the movement is slow and slow down to look like 1000fps. Fantastic stuff though, I wouldn't be able to tell.

What not film some slow-mo on your dolly slider and get some awesome video footage. If you do please send us a link to your work - [email protected]

Digislider Team
Digislider Team


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