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Sound in Film

The importance of sound in film is just as important as other elements like lighting.

With the use of quality prosumer portable audio recorders like the Zoom H4N, the Tascam DR-100, or the Roland R2-6, you can get good sound recording (as long as your microphones are good - see zacuto.com/tools-of-the-trade-part-2) for an affordable price, which is perfect for the indie filmmaker and/or the DSLR users.

No system is perfect but they all have their advantages and disadvantages. Below is first a quick summary of the importance of sound and then a series from Zacuto going over a few sound recording devices available.

Zacuto Sound Series

Portable Field and Sound Recording Devices
Part 1 - Clinton Harn discusses what characteristics to look for when choosing a portable recording device and making the most out of your recording in the field.

Part 2 - Importance of levels,  and the advantage of having limiting as well as light equipment.

Part 3 - Some topics that are covered in this episode are Budget Allocation, Microphones on Portable Recording Devices, and The Drawbacks of Built-in Microphones.

Part 4 - Some topics that are covered in this episode are Ideal Sound Recording Rigs, Seeking Professional Advice, and Recommendations.

The Sansom Zoom H6 is here. More XLR switches and dedicated dials with a bundle of microphone add-ons.

Digislider Team
Digislider Team


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