Continuous RAW Video on your Canon DSLR with Magic Lantern Firmware.

14 bit RAW video!  This is big news as most of the Canon DSLRs lacked sharpness because of the compressed h.264 video files.  Now, you have greater picture detail and sharpness as well as greater control when colour grading.

You can get 24fps RAW video on the Canon 5D mk III with the Magic Lantern Firmware.  Still only 10-14 frames per second on your Canon 5D mk II, for which you can only shoot a couple of seconds at the moment. However, on the 5D mk III there are no limitations.

The files are DNG picture files that you need to string together manually to create each frame of the video.  But the way the pictures are taken are in live view mode so there is no shutter curtain movement or mirror flip, extending the wear and tare of the camera.

Click here for RAW files

Below shows the quality of the RAW video and compressed H.264 video from the Canon 5D mk III.

H.264 Version

14bit RAW version

Digislider Team
Digislider Team


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