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Smile! Everyone gets a free terabyte.

1000 gb of free storage with Flickr!  Perfect for storing your photos in the cloud.  Huge 1 terabyte storage, and it is free!  That's a good half a million high resolution jpeg photos.  You just need a Flickr account.

You can upload direct from Flickr, but this desktop app makes it easy to batch upload and is  compatible with both Windows and Mac.

Flickr Schedulr is pretty much the same but it has the added bonus of allowing you to schedule when you want to upload videos and photos.

PhotoSync can automatically sync photos in a new folder with Flickr.  There is also a protection on Flickr that prevents photos being deleted locally too.

FlickrSync allows you to select pre-existing folders you already have on your hard drive, rather than having to create and use just one.  All the pictures will be uploaded to Flickr.

Digislider Team
Digislider Team


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